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Have a Blast at Your Pool This Summer

One-point access to quality pool services, products,
equipment, and accessories.


When it comes to buying pool products, equipment, and accessories or hiring professional pool services in Etobicoke and the surrounding areas, you have many choices. There are other companies that you can choose from, and even some of the Big Box stores sell pool supplies. However, we believe there are five great reasons for choosing The Pool Supply Centre. We pride ourselves on being your preferred choice for pool services since 1979, and we work diligently to live up to your expectations. Feel free to contact us we are just a phone call away!

Full Line of Pool and Spa Chemicals, Equipment, and More

Are you planning to buy bulk liquid chlorine and spa chemicals at once to save on both money and time? Well, we can accommodate that! Whether its pool and spa chemicals or salt water feeders, The Pool Supply Centre is the shop to visit. Our products include:

Pool and spa chemicals

Bulk liquid chlorine

Replacement parts

Maintenance equipment

Swimming pool supplies

Pool filtration systems

Solar blankets

Solar rollers

Saltwater chlorinator

Swim aids

Toys and inflatables

Safety covers

And more

Water Testing with the WaterLink Spin

When was the last time that you had your pool water tested? It’s better to get your pool checked by qualified professionals as there can be no true joy without safety. At The Pool Supply Centre, we have state-of-the-art water testing equipment that can accurately check for pH value, chlorine range, alkalinity, salt level, phosphates, copper, and more.

Pool Equipment and Repairs - We’ll Keep Them Running

We can also help if you have any pool maintenance or repair needs. From pumps filters to pool cleaners such as suction cleaners and robotic cleaners, we stock and service most models.

Rely on Us for Your Pool Openings and Closings

Are you looking for professionals to manage your pool opening and closing? Our opening services include:

Removal of water and debris from your pool cover

Taking out your winterizing materials (foam rope, plugs, gizmo, etc.)

Re-installation of pool fittings (ladder, diving board, etc.)

Re-assembling your pump and filter system

Any additional pool services can be arranged on request! Contact us for more information.

It’s easier to open your pool at the beginning of summer when you close it properly. Our closing services include:

Lowering water level

Uninstallation and storage of your deck equipment

Blow out lines, adding ropes and plugs

Winterizing your pump, filter, and heater

Installation of winter cover

Winterization kit if purchased

Cleaning and Maintenance – Come Home To a Ready-To-Use Pool

Are you a busy professional who has got no time for pool cleaning and maintenance? Not a problem. We can visit your place for pool services. Our pool cleaning services include:

Clean scum line

Vacuum pool

Clearing out debris from all strainer baskets

Refilling chemical feeder and monitoring of the salt level

Water testing and the addition of necessary chemicals

Inspection of equipment and fixtures

Backwash sand filter/rinse cartridge filters if needed

Weekly and bi-weekly pool maintenance services are available! Contact us for more information.

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