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Everyone likes spending their summers around a beautiful pool. But keeping it sparkling clean is not that simple. Your pool cleaning needs chemicals, filters, and whatnot. However, you can always count on us for all your pool chemical needs. Whether you're an expert who knows what chemicals to purchase or an amateur who needs a little guidance, The Pool Supply Centre is the shop to visit! We stock an exhaustive collection of pool and spa chemicals. No matter which kind of swimming pool you have and what chemical specifications you’re looking for, Etobicoke’s pool chemical experts have you covered. Contact us for more information.

Pool and Spa Chemicals – Quality Products, Expert Guidance

You may need a little experience and knowledge to keep your swimming pool crystal clear. In case, if you're new to this but still wish to do maintenance by yourself, we can help you choose suitable products! From stain removers and chlorine pucks to other stabilizers and enzymes that deal with frequent problems, you'll find them all at The Pool Supply Centre. Some of the products we stock include:

Bulk liquid chlorine

Chlorine, pucks, shock

Revive, a great clean up product

Balancing chemicals

GLB product line

Spa Marvel

And more


Your satisfaction has always been our top priority, so we only recommend and stock tried-and-tested brands such as Aqua. 

AquaCal helps in achieving water balance that helps prevent pool surface pitting, excessive foaming, and corrosion.


Naturally Aqua

If you're an environmentally conscious person, Naturally Aqua is the product for you! We stock a full line of Naturally Aqua products.

Enzyme Plus helps in prevention of oil and lotion build up, algae growth, and improves water clarity. It can be used for weekly maintenance.


Spa Boss

At The Pool Supply Centre, you'll find a wide range of SpaBoss spa and hot tub products including Chlor-Aid.

Chlor-Aid cleans your pool water and keeps it safe.

Why Us?

If you're looking to buy pool chemicals, you have a lot of options including Big Box stores. However, people choose The Pool Supply Centre because we are not just salesmen. We are proud residents of the community, and we wouldn't sell anything that we don't use. Check out some of our featured products:

Check out some of our feature products:

Naturally Aqua Stain Out


Aqua Stain Erase

Spa marvel

Spa Boss
Why Us
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