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Pools are meant to be fun, aren't they? A clean swimming pool sounds cool only when it has toys and other fun stuff, especially when you have kids and teenagers around. Choose Etobicoke's loved pool toys and accessories shop to get the most out of your pool this summer. We have everything from goggles and portable showers to ear plugs, nose plugs, and swimming caps. Let's make your pool time more fun and exciting to you and your loved ones. Come to our store, and see our wide array of products for yourself! Feel free to contact us for more information.

Your Partner in Fun – Let’s Spruce up Your Pool

Let The Pool Supply Centre be your partner for maximizing the fun in our pool this summer. We’ve got all sorts of toys and accessories for all ages that everyone will love! Some of the products that you’ll find in our store are:

1. Pool toys: If you're planning on buying some pool toys, you should definitely check us out.

2. Floats and inflatable products: Why choose floats from a smaller set when you can pick one from a wide array of floats and inflatable products.

3. Rafts and lounges: Do you want to enjoy a sunny day lazing around peacefully on a raft or a lounge? We have just the thing for you. Whether its Baja line of products from Texas Rec or a wide variety of rafts and lounges, you'll find them all at The Pool Supply Centre.

4. Water safety accessories: Looking for water safety accessories that can aid you and your kids to explore the pool? We've got top-notch products from BEMA, ring buoys safety hooks, and more.

5. Quality fitness equipment: The Pool Supply Centre stocks a wide range of pool fitness equipment. AquaJogger is one such equipment that's ideal for people looking for weight loss, for those undergoing physical rehabilitation or simply anyone who wants to get fitter. You'll also find a selection of quality webbed gloves, water shoes, buoyancy belts, wrist and ankle bands, and more.

It can be a perfect present for your loved ones! Contact us for more information.

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